Cheese, Ham and Onion Tart

Rustic Flan

I refuse to call this Quiche. Not because I don’t bake Quiche, but because this is not one! It is a tart, good and proper, or if you are feeling a little more up market a flan. It is also a tart so I dont have to tidy up the edges – and it makes it look less shop-bought.  It is also a case of take a look in the larder and see what you have left. The only reason that this is cheese, ham and onion is because they were available. You could take your pick on what is on offer, or you could follow this recipe. Either way, you could do a lot worse for supper on a blustery saturday evening.


  • 1pkt shortcrust pastry or make your own
  • 300g double cream
  • 2 teaspoons of mustard
  • one banana shallot finely chopped.
  • 5oz/ 150g of ham chopped.
  • 4 eggs beaten
  • 5oz/150gm strong cheese grated
  • 50gms parmesan grated
  • Season to taste


  1. Turn the oven to 160fan, 180 conventional. Roll out the pastry, line the flan case and blind bake, remove when ready and brush some beaten egg around the inside of the pastry case and return to the oven for 5 minutes (this will make is less likely to lose the contents!) and remove and put to one side.
  2. Soften the onion in a saucepan and allow to cool. Add all the remaining contents and give it a good stir.  Season. Turn the oven up to 200/180 fan assisted.
  3. Pour the lot into the baked pastry case and put in the oven until risen and brown and only slightly yielding when touched in the centre.
  4. Eat slightly cool or cold with some crispy salad.


About Cooking At Zero Degrees

This is a blog (it also works on an ipad and now has a Facebook page) about what we eat at home. Starters, mains, sauces, side dishes, cocktails and links to local shops. It’s all here. Food is fun, it should be fun to make and fun to eat. For some people making a meal is a chore. If it is then don’t do it; but please, it’s better to eat something, anything, that you make at home from scratch, because prepared, packaged supermarket dinners and food have about as much flavour as the plastic or cardboard package they come in. Food cultivation and husbandry is not just a moral argument. Eggs that don’t come from battery hens do taste better, cattle properly reared have more flavour - and just think about it: at its most simple, if they’re not being pumped full of chemicals then you’re not being pumped full of chemicals. How good is that? If you can buy local, use your neighbourhood shops, you will miss them when they are gone. Most of all, have fun making a meal of it! Oh, and why at zero degrees? Because that’s where we live – in Greenwich, London.
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