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Chinese Chicken Curry

There is something wonderful about Chinese chicken curry with rice. I suppose it takes me back to my childhood. Of course I suppose there is nothing authentic about it, but that yellowish creamy sauce, with onions and mushrooms makes it … Continue reading

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Pie and Mash

I am going through a thing at the moment for food I had as a child (and crave right now). It started when I thought about Chinese chicken curry, and turned very easily to pie and mash. There is something … Continue reading

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Braised Steak Suet Puddings

I have braised ox cheek in the freezer and while there are a number of ways of using it up – it is cheap piece of meat and feeds plenty – one of the best is to use it in … Continue reading

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Lamb Meatballs with Warm Yoghurt

All the flavours of the East, with a delicate sauce over the gently cooked swiss chard. Most if not all these dry ingredients will be in your store cupboard, and brought together in this recipe produce a highly flavoured and wonderful meal. Continue reading

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Spicy Coconut Soup

Is it the cold weather? Is it my age? My mind turned back to a soup that we would sit eating in a very cheap but fantastic Malaysian restaurant in Soho. The added entertainment was watching the punters going in … Continue reading

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Cooking a Turkey.

It is that time of year when perfectly sensible people, who cook Sunday lunch all year round, suddenly begin to panic about cooking a turkey. The idea is that you should shove it in the oven and enjoy your Christmas … Continue reading

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Cottage Pie

The weather hasn’t entirely turned (yet!) but in my house it doesn’t need to be cold for this dish to arrive on the table. It is one of my all time favourites, and carries with it more memories of family dinner that I … Continue reading

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