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Mackerel with Capers and Chili

Time to have a fish dish. Mackerel is probably my favourite fish, it is full of flavour and being an oily fish is very good for you. We are also heading into summer, so the meal needs a bit of … Continue reading

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Bacon Wrapped Mackerel with Side Salad

So Spring has sprung. Yet the problem is that the weather can be so variable. Yes, I want to move (ok with some resistance) away from the heavier and warming foods of winter, but I am not yet willing to … Continue reading

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Spaghetti Alla Carbonara

Each year, around the time of my birthday, I wander up the road to the gates of Greenwich Park. From that vantage point I can watch thousands of not so lonely long distance runners set off on the London Marathon. … Continue reading

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Celeriac and Apple Soup

An autumnal or winter warmer if ever there was one. This celeriac and apple soup is made in minutes, provides a wonderful starter (you can add scallops for extra refinement) or just a nice Saturday afternoon dish. 

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Goat Cheese and Spinach Frittata

Frittata,  an omelette is what we would generally call it, but with added ingredients and then pushed under the grill to brown and plump up. They come in various shapes and sizes, and this is based on some we have seen. … Continue reading

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Teriyaki Salmon

How did it start that I wanted to eat teryaki salmon? First, I fancied a weekday supper dish that didn’t take too long to cook but it had to be fish. Then I wanted something with a sweet yet salty flavour. How … Continue reading

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Cheese, Broccoli and Onion Tart

There is the complete version of ingredients and method here. Although that one is for a meat version, and this is vegetarian. Either way, you could do a lot worse for supper on a blustery Saturday evening.  

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