US Conversions

 American Spoon Measures

1 level tablespoon flour = 15g flour
1 heaped tablespoon flour = 28g flour
1 level tablespoon sugar = 28g sugar
1 level tablespoon butter = 15g butter

American Liquid Measures

1 cup U.S = 275ml
1 pint U.S = 550ml
1 quart U.S = 900ml

American Solid Measures

1 cup rice U.S = 225g rice
1 cup flour U.S = 115g flour
1 cup butter U.S = 225g butter
1 stick butter U.S = 115g butter
1 cup dried fruit U.S = 225g dried fruit
1 cup brown sugar U.S = 180g brown sugar
1 cup granulated sugar U.S = 225g granulated sugar


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