Tres Leches







So it’s a cake, soaked in whole milk, condensed milk and evaporated milk – topped with cream. Really?  This sweet, moist wonderfulness of a creation can only make you feel that God exists and bakes. I first tried this in the US, but it has a long story in its history (more about that below), a bit convoluted and not entirely clear. What is undoubtedly true, once you have made this your friends will always, but always want more.

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Mackerel with Capers and Chili


Time to have a fish dish. Mackerel is probably my favourite fish, it is full of flavour and being an oily fish is very good for you. We are also heading into summer, so the meal needs a bit of that Mediterranean feel about it. I have taken this recipe and changed it out a little. While the original is nice, the peppers and potatoes can feel a little bland, so it has been perked up a little with pinch of chili flakes and I have exchanged the white wine for vermouth.

This serves two as a big meal or four as a regular one.

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Garlic bread – The Quick Way

thK3N6D14WHome from the pub, or simply in for the night in front of the television, and sometimes something is needed to add to the moment. For that, here is a quick and very simple garlic bread.

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Braised Steak Suet Puddings

pieI have braised ox cheek in the freezer and while there are a number of ways of using it up – it is cheap piece of meat and feeds plenty – one of the best is to use it in individual suet puddings. Yesterday, this was the Sunday lunch. No these should not only be eaten in the Winter, sometimes an unexpected dish like this in a cold spring, late summer or early autumn can be a welcome sight indeed.  The suet pudding, enveloping the long cooked and rich steak, with an additional pour of red wine or other gravy can be just the dish needed at any time of the year. If you are using something other than the braised beef from this site then I will create a pop up on how to cook the beef.

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Serves 4

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Treacle Spiced Biscuits

IMG_1492Oh, window cleaners arriving first thing tomorrow and there are no biscuits in the house to go with their pots of tea. The nearest shop is closed, so it’s a rummage through the cupboard to see what can be baked. It is these: quickly put together, moulded, cooled in the fridge and then baked for about 10-15 minutes. A biscuit with a cinnamon and mixed spice flavour. I know they go well with tea – there were none left after the window cleaners finished their last cup. Makes about 12 thick biscuits, or 18 thinner ones.

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In Season – May


This is only a guide to seasonal fruit and vegetables. Of course, many are available all the time because of imports, and some are now grown for most of the year and they are included on these lists. Supporting local farmers and producers is by far the best way of eating good food, and helping local agriculture or fishermen; but the best person to ask what is in season is your greengrocer, fishmonger or butcher.

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