Tempura Squid with Garlic or Curry Mayonnaise.

Cooking At Zero Degrees

We fancied having a sort of Spanish-style afternoon meal.  Any excuse of some nice white Spanish wine. Anyway, choice was limited at the fishmonger, we got there late, so the result has been some Spanish cheese (manchego) and some battered and deep-fried squid. There is a choice of dip, mayonnaise in both but then one with lemon and garlic and the other with lime and curry. Both are really easy and the whole meal takes only minutes to make. If only we had the weather to go with it all.

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In Season – June

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Prawn Cocktail

Cooking At Zero Degrees

Prawn Cocktail Prawn Cocktail

Well, it’s hot in London. So hot, that it reminds me of the last time it felt this way – to me at least – and that’s back in the 1970’s. So, what am I to do but revert back to a favourite from then, Prawn Cocktail. There is a reason it is still going strong today; cold crunchy lettuce, sharp hit of the Marie Rose sauce, and the beautiful taste of the sea from the prawns. This is an absolute treat when the weather is like it is. Silky, cold and a reminder of summers. Eat with some toasted crusty bread, serve with lemon on the side. Feeds four.

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Chocolate Brownies

Cooking At Zero Degrees

Trust me, I’m not searching the world for recipes that are a heart attack on a plate, but sometimes things are just too good not to try. Brownies (more about their history below) are one of those wonderful food creations that can be eaten at almost anytime. Great for tea-time, on picnics and even as a dessert after good meal (just add a spoon of ice cream). This one has extra chocolate chunks running through it – I used mostly dark chocolate but the choice is yours. I have a recipe for a brownie cake, squidgy on top with wonderful chocolate goo on the base. When I’ve tried it I will share it. Well, maybe.

Cuts into 16 squares or 32 triangles. Ready in 1 hour  (inc cooling)

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Tres Leches







So it’s a cake, soaked in whole milk, condensed milk and evaporated milk – topped with cream. Really?  This sweet, moist wonderfulness of a creation can only make you feel that God exists and bakes. I first tried this in the US, but it has a long story in its history (more about that below), a bit convoluted and not entirely clear. What is undoubtedly true, once you have made this your friends will always, but always want more.

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Mackerel with Capers and Chili


Time to have a fish dish. Mackerel is probably my favourite fish, it is full of flavour and being an oily fish is very good for you. We are also heading into summer, so the meal needs a bit of that Mediterranean feel about it. I have taken this recipe and changed it out a little. While the original is nice, the peppers and potatoes can feel a little bland, so it has been perked up a little with pinch of chili flakes and I have exchanged the white wine for vermouth.

This serves two as a big meal or four as a regular one.

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Garlic bread – The Quick Way

thK3N6D14WHome from the pub, or simply in for the night in front of the television, and sometimes something is needed to add to the moment. For that, here is a quick and very simple garlic bread.

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