Crayfish and Prawns on Toast

Crayfish Tails and Prawns
Crayfish Tails and Prawns

When the weather changes, something light is called for. This little number was pulled together at the weekend. It can be a starter or main course. Actually, if you make it for small rounds of toast then it can even be a small canape with some drinks. It is that versatile and easy to make. The list of ingredients isn’t too long, and it is brought together very simply. However, it packs a lovely fresh and light taste. Perfect for spring into summer.  This feeds four and the method is the simplest yet.

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Cheat’s Sausage Rolls.

Quick Sausage Rolls

The thing about parties, at least in my house, is that they are just not the same without a plate of sausage rolls. Warm or cold, these little morsels of meat and pastry delights are the first thing I aim for on the buffet table, and the last thing I want to leave. One problem is that the shop-bought ones can be mean and nasty – an insult to the beauty that is this party treat. The alternative, mixing this and butter flaking pastry that, can be daunting and I am more than happy to cook something that has the homemade flavour without the chef effort. So here it is, the homemade cheat’s sausage roll.

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Cooking At Zero Degrees

This is a blog about what we eat at home. Starters, mains, sauces, side dishes, cocktails and links to local shops. It’s all here.  Food is fun, it should be fun to make and fun to eat. For some people making a meal is a chore. If it is then don’t do it;  but please, it’s better to eat something, anything, that you make at home from scratch, because prepared, packaged supermarket dinners  and food have about as much flavour as the plastic or cardboard package they come in.  Food cultivation and husbandry is not just a moral argument.  Eggs that don’t come from battery hens do taste better, cattle properly reared have more flavour –  and just think about it: at its most simple, if they’re not being pumped full of chemicals then you’re not being pumped full of chemicals. How good is that? If you can buy local, use your neighbourhood shops, you will miss them when they are gone.  Most of all, have fun making a meal of it!  Oh, and why at zero degrees? Because that’s where we live – in Greenwich, London.