Chinese Chicken Curry

There is something wonderful about Chinese chicken curry with rice. I suppose it takes me back to my childhood. Of course I suppose there is nothing authentic about it, but that yellowish creamy sauce, with onions and mushrooms makes it my favourite. You can add what you want to make it vegetarian and substitute the stock for water, personally if I want it veggie I just leave out the chicken. This really is made quicker than waiting for the order to arrive, and it is so simple it can be done after the pub! Feeds two.

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Teriyaki Salmon

imageHow did it start that I wanted to eat teryaki salmon? First, I fancied a weekday supper dish that didn’t take too long to cook but it had to be fish. Then I wanted something with a sweet yet salty flavour. How often can you find that in a fish recipe? This is it. You get that ping of soy sauce, the hit of chilli and the clean sharp line of lime. On top of noodles, this fish stands out as a clear winner, and made in less than 30 minutes it is a sure favourite. This is changed from some other recipes you may find, I add a bigger hit of chilli and ginger then reduced the amount of noodles, but that is up to you. This feeds two.

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Lamb Tagine, with Chestnuts and Pomegranate Seeds

Lamb Tagine
Lamb Tagine

I have always wanted to cook using a tagine. It is something about slow cooked food, melding with the spices and ladled over buttery cous-cous that has captured my imagination. Fortunately, Christmas came with the bonus of being given a tagine as a present. After some home testing, I have tweaked this recipe a little and it is now a firm favourite. Yielding lamb, with garlic, saffron and cinnamon; the chestnuts replace potatoes and the whole lot is a deep and sweet delight. One tip, I like to fry the onions and brown the lamb in a separate frying pan, I find it works more quickly than in the diffused heat of the tagine. If you don’t have a tagine use a regular casserole dish, but don’t miss out on this warming treat of a meal.

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Vegetarian Thai Curry

This is a vegetarian version of a curry I do. On the meat version I am honest about it all: I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to curry. Sorry, I am just not a five pint and vindaloo man. Firstly, because I can’t take the heat, except in the kitchen, and secondly because I like to the taste the curry flavours and the meat, fish or vegetables in the thing.  This can be a little on the warm side, but taking the seeds out of the chilles helps, and you can reduce their number too. I love this curry. The creamy coconut milk, infused with the basil and the background of coriander wafting up before you taste it always leaves me wanting more.

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