Hot Smoked Salmon and Couscous


So sometimes something cold, even at this time of year, can be very rewarding. A dish that has about it something of the Mediterranean with the couscous, dill, olive oil and lemon mix  – but that smell and flavour of chunks of smoked salmon just scream out more a summer time plate.  I love this, it easily feeds two very well or four with a few side dishes. You can mix it up – add cucumber, other peppers, pitta bread even – but really you don’t need much on the side, this dish pretty much does it all.

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Teriyaki Salmon

imageHow did it start that I wanted to eat teryaki salmon? First, I fancied a weekday supper dish that didn’t take too long to cook but it had to be fish. Then I wanted something with a sweet yet salty flavour. How often can you find that in a fish recipe? This is it. You get that ping of soy sauce, the hit of chilli and the clean sharp line of lime. On top of noodles, this fish stands out as a clear winner, and made in less than 30 minutes it is a sure favourite. This is changed from some other recipes you may find, I add a bigger hit of chilli and ginger then reduced the amount of noodles, but that is up to you. This feeds two.

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Fish Pie

What is it about November weather that shouts fish pie? That deep richness of the creamy parsley sauce, the smokey salmon along with the luxury of the boiled eggs and spinach. I seem to be making this so regularly recently that it has become a staple in the house. It never disappoints.

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Lentils with Salmon

I don’t usually go in for so many ingredients, but this is too good not to cook. First things first, don’t even bother making this unless you can find a really good fillet of salmon, one that has a oilyness about it so that when it gets into a pan is helps you cook it. If you can find that, and if you are local to me then you will here, then this dish works into a rich lentil meal but with that sweetness that salmon can be capable of –  moist and with a wonderful flavour that holds its own against the meaty lentils. Really, don’t worry if you think that you can’t cook fish you can, and when you do this you will realise anything is possible. You can make the lentil dish up ahead of time and just reheat it while the salmon cooks. Give it a go. One tip, make all the ingredients (not the salmon) as small as you can so they and the salmon can all sit on one fork mouthful at a time. God, this is good. a photo will follow. Continue reading